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Bulacan Sweets and Delicacies Center has the most unique and flavorful treat this side of town - it's best selling candied fruits. They are rich, succulent and true to taste. They are made from real fruit pieces. They are rich in vitamins and minerals, retained from the fruits even after the process, making it a healthy snack whenever you crave for something sweet.
Retention of taste and texture of the fruits is made possible by a traditional process called "San Miguel de Mayumo Bulacan" candying method. This is done by gradually removing moisture by immersing the raw fruits in syrup, after which it is air-dried. Through the years of production and research, innovations were developed to use less sugar, thus allowing the fruit's natural flavor to surface even more.
The candied fruits are served in many creative ways. They can be mixed with cereals for a healthy breakfast treat. They can be a tasteful ingredient in baking fruit cakes, puddings, fruit tarts, pies and macaroons. They also make great flavors to fruit salads, cocktail drinks and shakes or simply topped on ice cream, sherbets and other desserts.

Bright yellow and plump, the SANTOL offers a distinct tangy sweetness. It has a firm rind that opens to white succulent fleshy seeds. Both the seeds and rind are candied and when processed, wears a dark color but it's unique taste and fine texture is maintained if not accentuated. It can be a unique topping on desserts and pastries.

The PAPAYA has a mild sweetness and soft luscious flesh. Covered with a thin but firm golden yellow to orange skin, it opens to a fragant flesh to the same hue and many tiny black seeds in the center. It's color deepens when in candied form but it's flavor and aroma are enriched, giving a flavor all its own. Being rich in vitamin C, it offers a healthy addition to sherbets and tarts.

The small, round GUAVA has it's own individual taste and texture It has a green skin with white rind and many tiny seeds packed in the center white to deep pink in color. It gains a dark color when candied but remains true to it's taste and has kept it's delightfully grainy texture. It is rich in vitamin C and makes a tasty dessert when placed aside ice creams and sherbets or a healthy breakfast when mixed with cereals.

The popular PINEAPPLE is deeply sweet, tangy and succulent, It's spiky covering opens to a bright yellow, juicy, fibrous flesh. The candied pineapple is rich in vitamin C and has retained this exciting flavor and texture making a delightful and healthy treat for the palate. As the flesh pineapple already found it's way in many cooking and baking recipes, it's candied counterpart however is a new and exciting addition to most pies, cakes and salads.

The KAMIAS is popularly used as a souring ingredient in some Filipino dishes. This small, light green fruit averaging two inces, however becomes a delectable candied fruit when processed. It has evolved into a firm and smooth candy but has retained it's fruity tang. It makes a unique addition topuddings and fruit cakes.

The extremely aromatic JACKFRUIT is another fruit with a spiky covering and golden yellow flesh, enclosing large kidney shaped seeds. It is believed to be the world's largest fruit and can weigh up to 30 kilos. When candied, it's distinct sweetness and aroma remains intact. It's lingering musty fragrance makes it a great flavoring in ice cream, cookied and even floats and punches.



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